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January 10, 2011
by annavarna

What was your 2010 book?

This time of the year I usually publish (in my other blog) a list of the books I read the previous year. But this year I was thinking about the books that I liked most in 2010 and if I am going to remember them in a couple of years and I wanted to hear your ideas too!

So if you read a book that you loved in 2010, if this book changed your idea about something, if it inspired you to do something differently, then send me (annavarna at ) a short (60 sec) video of yourself telling us which book that was. I intend to collect all the videos and make a big one. There is no subject limitation, it may be a book about education, or a literature book or a children’s book, whatever you want. It may have been a conventional book or an e-book. You may say what you want to say in English, Greek, Spanish or French.

The question is this: Which book you read the previous year will be in your mind in the years to come and why?

Here you can see a video review I have done about three educational books I read last year.

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